Minimizing Carbon Dioxide Emission

Are you having a hard time breathing? Do you know why? There has been less oxygen nowadays and more carbon dioxide emissions. Why is that? We, humans, leave a tremendous amount of carbon footprints in the atmosphere. With the outrage of illegal cutting of trees, we are losing capabilities of producing oxygen every minute.

There are numerous sources of carbon dioxide emissions, some are natural, and some are human-made. The most damaging is the human-made processes.

These processes include illegal actions brought about by greed. One of the causes is deforestation; it is the process of continuous cutting of trees or destroying of the forest to be converted into industrial zones without even considering the environment.

One way of reducing carbon dioxide emission is by opposing against deforestation and by planting trees. Not only are we reducing carbon emissions, but we are also alleviating climate change.

Another source of carbon emissions is fossil fuel burning. Coals, gas and oil factories contribute to the production of carbon emission devastating our nature and creating a series of pollutions that can be harmful to wildlife and man.

Carbon dioxide is released when fossil fuels are burned. The leading to emit carbon is the coal, with the intensive burning of coal in our world more likely it is to produce larger quantities of carbon dioxide.

Usually burning of fossil fuels is done in factories and will be hard to stop, but that does not mean that you will do nothing. You can still do various things to reduce the quantity of emitted carbon dioxide.

Reduce emissions by going to pro nature. Use bikes if your destination is near, no carbon emission compared than cars. Recycle waste, by recycling wastes you are reducing carbon emissions and lessening garbage in the environment.

You can do anything that can lessen carbon emissions in the environment, and you can do it one step at a time until you reach a large scale. It’s now or never, the environment needs our help. Let’s act now!